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Very close, but does not handle Microsoft Enterprise Library configuration entries


The WebConfigManager is very close but needs a couple tweaks. First, once a modification of type EnsureChildNode is created in the hierarchy, all descendants must be of type EnsureChildNode. Second, the handle namespace method needs to handle children that have attributes which <qualifyAssembly> elements will have. I am attaching the modified methods as well as a config file for testing. The config file is from a SharePoint installation that has the <qualifyAssembly> entries that are necessary when the Microsoft Enterprise Library is installed in the GAC as well as the Logging and Exception handling entries used by the Enterprise Library. These are the entries that are not handled by the original code.
With that said, this is an extremely useful project! Well done!

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ShaneTriem wrote Jun 20, 2012 at 7:29 PM

Attaching the web config for testing

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